Operating Model Innovation

Are you looking to achieve sustainable profitable growth, while IMPROVING client and employee exprience?

Innovate your operating model and prepare your organization for the present and make it adaptable for the future?

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We explore (observe and make visible) “LEVERS” in your organization that suppot YOUR journey through Operating Model Innovation journey.

 Some examples of levers available in an organisation are,

Strategy - Versatile Consulting

Shape and align your business for sustained growth. And better bottomline

Portfolio - Versatile Consulting
Portfolio & PRODUCTs

Innovate & Disrupt to put your business a step ahead and create sustainable growth of your business.

People and Structure

let’s make your organization adaptive and flexible to adjust to market needs and help business

Leadership Development
Leadership Development

Versatility, Situational, action-focused… great leadership drives growth.


Grow and engage professionals who lead and help others lead.

Operating Context

Adapting to the ever changin world and beyond, let your organization Thrive.

We will work with you to solve business problem and deliver value to all stakeholders.






Product / Portfolio Transformation


Do you catch yourself thinking :

” We have too many products in our portfolio and not all products make us money!”


Than read on : We work with you to help you optimize the product portfolio. To make products profitable and add innovation cycle to keep your company ahead of the curve.

Operating Model Transformation.


Does this Statement connnect with you?

We are not aligned with our strategy?

We dont have a startegy?

The one who yells, gets things done here!!!

Then get more details here, on how we can support you to Shape and align your business to maximise its potential.

Leadership Innovation


Do you have a succession plan for your critical roles? Are you developing leaderships skills based on the succession plan?

If you dont have one, or you believe the current plan needs development. Get more details below.

Versatile Leadership Development and Leadership Pipeline development.

Versatile brings passion for continual improvement. We help companies become adaptive & Flexible Organisations and thrive.

We achieve this while bringing Sustainable Profitable Growth to your business.


Get an Exploration Call

Transformations have failed and people are resented?

Sounds familiar? Book a exploration call with us and lets talk about a deeper practical change.


Versatile’s passion is helping clients achieve sustainable growth. We help you grow your products and services by developing your capacity to adapt and learn. With partners and collaborators in countries throughout Europe and Asia, Versatile cares about supporting clients to evolve and expand.

Business Transformation

Are you looking to optimize your Business processes? Your product/ portfolio management?

At Versatile Consulting, we specialize in helping businesses like yours make strategic decisions to ensure profitability and stay ahead of the curve.

Operating Model Innovation

Are you looking to innovate your operating model and prepare your organization for the present and make it adaptable for the future?

Versatile Leadership

Leading with Meaning!

The Secret of management is, it’s all about human beings; Dealing with people! And the point is, in this critical aspect, it’s the waste of effort to distinguish between ‘management’ and ‘leadership’, they are two sides of the same coin.”

Versatile Academy

At Versatile, we believe in deep learning. Hence our Academy…

Any training will give you the theory of improvement.

But at Versatile Academy, will give you the latest and proven tools and practical experience of applying them


Our new service is designed to facilitate the opening and growth of businesses in India and Europe, with a specific focus on the agriculture products, FMCG, and pharmaceutical industries.

Blog and Free Resources

Business Dynamics in India

Business Dynamics in India

India and Europe share not only their linguistic roots in Sanskrit but also the desire to modernise, share, and grow together democratically.
The question for European companies is not “if” but “how” to be a part of the growth story that is India.

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