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At Versatile, the right context is always practical. Hence our ‘LAB’ concept…

What is a LAB?

A LAB(oratory) is:

  • a place to experiment
  • a place to test theories and models
  • a place to learn the practical side in a controlled environment

Any training course will give you the theory of improvement. A Versatile LAB will give you the latest and proven tools and practical experience of applying them.


Situational, agile, action-focused… great leadership drives growth.
The modern definition of great leadership is constantly evolving and, at the same time, the unchanging fundamentals – the roots of leadership – were established centuries ago.

Our training is based on the Versatile Leadership Framework of discovery, goals, creation, and support, helping you move away from an artificial separation of ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ concepts to a more holistic approach to dealing with the people in your organisation. This is combined with such methodologies as Scrum, Kanban, etc.

By focusing on the practical application of the latest cutting edge thinking in the field while simultaneously drawing on the wisdom of the past, Versatile helps you lead in a continuous spiral of improving results.

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Operating Model

Shape and align your business to maximise its potential.
Was your organisation shaped by accident or design?

Whether a traditional hierarchy, a 3D matrix, or anything in between, your organisation’s structure should be in service of its strategic priorities. The fundamental question is whether the structure supports your people to achieve their goals. Often, if the structure does not fit the purpose then the organisation will struggle with its challenges.

Versatile helps companies design and grow organic, flexible structures that facilitate smooth communication and efficient collaboration. Once the appropriate structure is in place, we can coach the people – at all levels of your organisation – to leverage that structure to best achieve excellent and sustainable outcomes.

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Business Coaching

A transformative coaching process can be applied to boost success for individuals, teams, and even whole organisations.

Roles at the senior executives and C-suite levels can carry especially heavy and varied responsibilities and the people in those positions tend to benefit from a renewed focus on how best to achieve their strategic objectives while surmounting challenging obstacles.

Versatile offers tailored coaching interventions for key organisational positions. We support you with personal goals for improvement, tightly aligned to the priorities of the organisation. The results can include improved skillsets, pragmatic behaviour change, higher-performing teams and sustainable organisational growth.

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Management Innovation

Innovative management practices to put you a step ahead.
Management 3.0 is the future of management. Put simply, it is about doing the right thing in the right way and represents a step into the future for management development practices.

You know that your people are far more than just cogs in the organisational machine. You probably also know that traditional hierarchical management approaches are not the most efficient or effective.

We support clients to take a more innovative perspective, involving everyone in improving systems and ways of working, thus creating performance-enhancing employee engagement. Put simply, everyone in your organisation or business has the opportunity to influence change and to participate in the leadership process.

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