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The key to great leadership is a combination of the right methods and the right application. The Versatile Leadership LAB provides both.

Perhaps more so than any other discipline, our concept of leadership is in a state of constant evolution. Between incremental enhancements and quantum leaps, the definition of what it means to lead well has been in a state of flux for decades and often depends on both the individual leader and the organisation in which they practise their craft.

This LAB is based on Versatile Leadership Development framework among other frameworks.


The Versatile Leadership Framework draws on past and present with a focus on the emerging future.

The Versatile LAB is much more than a theoretical workshop


The Versatile Leadership LAB starts with a 3-day workshop, based on research into how humans learn and store knowledge. In this workshop, leaders focus on real-world application. The goal is to find what works for you, through a process of Learning, Practising, Exploring and Combining, which creates deep learning of the key facets of 21st century leadership.


The initial three days laboratory session is followed by cohorts and 1-2-1 session with the participants during 6 months.


At the end of 6 months deep dive session of 1-day that focuses on combining the learning, practice and exploration.



During the LAB process, you will test, measure, fail, assess and pivot… every result, every outcome, every experiment will hone your leadership skills and knowledge.


And at the end of it all, you will have hands-on learning and experience to take back to your organisation.


DAY 01

Discovering Leadership

Explore the different facets of leadership and values that inform it, your own and the organisation’s. Develop greater awareness of the impact of leadership styles and the ‘ecosystem’ in which you lead. Context is everything and every situation carries differing degrees of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Discover the culture, values and surroundings that are having a significant impact on your leadership practice.

DAY 02

Aiming for the Future

Taking your personal and organisational leadership visions, set clear goals that will enhance your leadership and maintain harmonious co-existence (and co-achievement) between yourself and the organisation.
Work through the necessary creation activities to achieve your goals, for the organisation, for your followers, and for you.

DAY 03

Creating Value

Using practical tools, continue the process of creating a leadership path. Then, focus on the support required for success: internal, external, and organisational.


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